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My Liver Detox: Days 2-4


Just kidding, I love broccoli. Lightly steam, add some grass-fed ghee, garlic salt, and a squeeze of lemon–yum.

Days 2 and 3 of my detox were pretty discouraging. It felt like nothing was happening other than that my symptoms were exacerbated. Lucky I have a little experience with detoxes and know that this is normal–most gentle detoxes take a couple of days to kick in.

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Today, I am SUPER tired and feeling a little nauseous. I have also been extra irritable and annoyed by the tiniest things. Yay? This is good–it means that this thing is actually working!

I am proud of myself for not cheating and having a tiny glass of wine after work. I have been eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and other yummy liver-cleansing foods like apples, spinach, bananas, avocado, and hot water with lemon. Cutting out animal protein can also help, so on day 3 I ate totally vegetarian and yesterday just had a tiny bit of animal protein at dinner. I have also been drinking TONS of water as promised:)

Here’s what a typical day has looked like:

Breakfast: Bulletproof Coffee w/Collagen protein (as always, I can’t live without this stuff!)

Midmorning: Smoothie with apple, banana (freeze the banana first, so yummy), spinach, flaxseed meal, coconut milk & coconut water. Milk thistle caplet.

Hot water w/lemon

Lunch: light protein (preferably vegetable), lots of green leafies or cruciferous vegetables, milk thistle caplet

Hot water w/lemon

Dinner: Same as lunch–focus on eating lots of  fibrous vegetables, a palm-sized amount of protein, and minimal starch. Milk thistle caplet.

Evening: Detox tea

I found an alternative for that nasty Dandelion root tea! It is called “DETOX” by Triple Leaf Tea,  is full of naturally detoxifying herbs, and does not taste like an ashtray. I recommend drinking any type of detox tea before bed as it makes me feel sleepy and a bit sluggish.

Side note: I wish I were important enough to actually get paid for recommending products, but that is not the case:) Anything I recommend or link to is just because I love it and think you might, too!

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