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My Liver Detox: Day 1

I like to have a glass of wine after I get home from work. Honestly, about 50% of the time the “one glass” turns into two. Then the weekend rolls around, and there are bbqs to go to or family gatherings to attend–complete with plenty of adult beverages. By the time the week has ended my poor liver is surely working overtime.

This past weekend, I got to hang out with lots of family. My brother and sister-in-law are temporarily abstaining from drinking to give themselves a break and improve their health. They looked great, and my brother-in-law claims he has tons of energy and is sleeping better than he has in years.

Which made me contemplate the health of my own liver and got me googling “signs that your liver is stressed.” Turns out fatigue, sleep issues, bloating, brain fog, and pms (all things I have been struggling with) are signs that your liver may be struggling.

No time for some crazy detox program here!

Have you ever looked up ways to detox your liver? Let me tell you, there are some crazy suggestions out there. I am NOT going to be giving myself a coffee enema or drinking nothing but juice for the next seven days. I mean, I have kids and a full time job and blog posts to write, you know? What I will be doing is using my knowledge about whole, healthy foods and medicinal herbs over the next seven days or so to give my liver a boost and clear out some toxins.

Looks like my evening glass of wine is going to have to wait a week.

Day 1: Drink water, not wine!

The first day of my detox/mini-cleanse/focus on my liver was really only a half day since I wasted half the day deciding if I was really going to do this or not. I did not drink any alcohol. I ate lots of veggies, specifically lots of broccoli. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable and is high in glutathione–a powerful anti-oxidant that helps liver function and detoxification. For more about the amazing benefits of glutathione, click here.

I also began taking milk thistle caplets. Milk thistle is thought to reduce damage to the liver caused by free radicals. PLEASE NOTE: some people may have a serious allergic (anaphylactic) reaction to milk thistle. Use with caution. I ended my day with a strong cup of dandelion root tea. Dandelion root has long been known for its great detox properties. It’s not my favorite tea, as I think it tastes like a mix of coffee and cigarette ashes, but some people love it.

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One thing I did not do, now that I think of it, is drink tons of water. Drinking lots of water is super important when you are detoxing. It helps flush all of those toxins out of your system where they belong! I will definitely add this tomorrow.

That’s it for now! I will keep you posted as the week progresses and let you all know how I feel:)


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