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Sensory Processing Disorder Causes Behavior Problems in Kids

When my little guy was about three, he started sniffing all.the.time. I was concerned that he was ill, so I took him to our pediatrician. After examining him and determining that he was healthy,  she declared that it must be allergies and prescribed him Claritin to be taken once daily.
Claritin. For a three-year-old. Every day.
When I asked how long she thought he would need to take it, she said, “Well, if it works he may need to take it for the rest of his life.”

The worst part was, she was clearly just guessing at what the problem was.

And when I had the nerve to request an allergy test to see if it even WAS caused by allergies, she treated me like I was being ridiculous. I mean, I just want to know what’s causing it at this point. If it’s the cat, I don’t know, maybe we get rid of the cat rather than causing a three-year-old to have an inflammatory response and take a medication every day for the rest of his life.

Long story short, I demanded the test and guess what? No allergies.

I gave up at this point and decided we would just live with the sniffing.

Fast forward to kindergarten–the sniffing has gotten worse and is now disrupting the class and causing the poor guy to get teased. To make matters worse, he is having all sorts of behavior issues and coming home with a note from the school pretty much every day. His teachers are AMAZING, he is a super bright kid, but he spends the majority of each class hiding under the table or yelling at the other kids.

I am staying up late at night googling things like “autism” and “Tourettes.”

Naturopathic doctors are NOT covered by our insurance, but I am desperate at this point and take him to one anyway.
This amazing woman seems unhurried. She listens to me, asks me questions, and recommends a few things for my guy, one of which is Occupational Therapy. What I was most impressed by was her desire to get to the root of the problem and figure out what was actually causing his issues rather than throwing a prescription at us and hustling us out the door.

And guess what? Occupational Therapy worked.

Turns out my little guy had a few reflexes left over from infancy that had not integrated like they were supposed to, and they were causing him all sorts of problems.
After about 8 months of therapy, we had a first grader who was excelling in school, and only sniffing here and there when his nose gets stuffed up.

When did we go from trying to solve medical problems to treating the symptoms with medications and ignoring the root cause altogether?

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