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What if You Could Offer Lymphatic Massage Option to Your Patients…

Without having to hire new staff, study for certifications,
or make big changes to your practice?

How would you like to have a pro in your pocket AND increase your revenue?

Put my 23+ years of lymphatic massage experience to work for your patients…

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Your patients need lymphatic massage,
but they may not have local access to it.

I’ve worked with countless patients to teach them 
how to perform effective lymphatic massage protocols.

And now I’m offering this service to providers
as an extension of their practice.


DIY Lymph Massage

Lymphatic massage is one of the best ways to help your patients manage swelling and inflammation, but...

Most providers don't offer lymphatic massage themselves, or patients have to travel to find a massage therapist who specializes in it. Many times, they aren’t able to make it happen, and end up with less-than-optimal outcomes.

Now you can offer a comprehensive way for your patients to manage their own swelling and inflammation with DIY Lymph Massage! This package includes everything that both you and your patient need to get started on an at-home lymphatic program.

I get your patients moving.

YOU get the credit!


  • How many glowing reviews will patients write about your work because they give you the credit for faster healing and recommending treatments that work?
  • How will you feel to be able to provide an answer quickly and confidently when asked, "what else can I do at home?" and you can say, “I have the perfect program”?
  • What would it look like if your patients felt cared for by you from end-to-end, every step of the way, even when they’re at home?
  • How would it look for your practice when patients are empowered in their self-care instead of depending on you for everything?
  • How many more patients would be compliant with their home care if they had access to professional guidance 24/7, adaptive protocols to watch and follow, and tools to remind them to stay on track?
  • How would it change your practice to have something to offer your patients who don’t have access to professional lymphatic therapy because it’s too far or too expensive?
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you had the peace of mind that your patients have the expert lymphatic massage care they need, with very little involvement required of you?


No more time spent researching dozens of massage therapists online, who may or may not offer true lymphatic massage.

No more energy wasted time teaching self-care and repeating yourself over and over because the patient lost their materials or forgot what you said.

No more frustration that the resources and videos you find online are just fragments of what your patients need to know… and may not even be correct!

No more missing out on referrals and market share because you don’t offer lymphatic massage options in your office.

You’ve always wanted a real pro on your team, and now you have one!

Customer Story – Medical Tourism

Bella A. was a nurse in her mid-thirties who’d gone down to the Dominican Republic for a BBL procedure. She had fantastic care during the two weeks she was abroad, but she was just told to “find a lymphatic therapist” when she got home. She didn’t really know what to look for, but she was lucky she found me! In my clinic, I would always do an extended initial session so that I could both do the treatment and teach the self-care for at home. By doing the at-home treatment, she was able to see me 3x/week instead of daily. We did lymphatic therapy and cupping in the office, and she did her lymphatic self-treatments at home 4x/day at first and tapered down to 2x/day after 4 weeks.

How Your Practice Can Benefit...

Frees up your time and your office resources, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Better patient experience that empowers them to heal from home.

Higher patient satisfaction that you will get all the credit for.

Active recovery to  reduce swelling, pain, and misery during the healing process.

A reliable, expert lymphatic massage referral with minimal involvement on your end. 

Extended continuum of care—patients perceive a higher level of care from you with this treatment.

DIY Lymph Massage is the first and ONLY of its kind. The videos can be watched from home, and patients will have unlimited access 24/7 from anywhere!


  • A new way to profit from your office: earn generous affiliate commissions for every referral. Utilize wholesale package rates, and you'll enjoy the benefits as well!
  • Offer a subscription as an incentive for patients who want the best of both worlds. Your practice will be more profitable, and you'll have happy outcomes!
  • Non-profit organizations may offer the program to stakeholders or use it as a fundraising tool. Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) and buy-one-give-one campaigns are available.

Here's What the Program
Looks Like...

#1 – Laying the Foundations

Patients will not only learn HOW, but also learn the WHY (and why NOTs) of DIY lymphatic therapy.

These foundational lessons will give an incredible understanding of what lymphatic therapy is and what it can do for them, as well as how to do the work on themselves. But importantly, they will also learn when not to do it, and if there are any contraindications to be on the lookout for as they work through the program.

Learn how to:

  • Identify swelling an edema in the body
  • When and when not to perform the work
  • How it can work for cancer patients
  • The differences between DIY and professional treatment
  • Working with other modalities
  • The anatomy & physiology of lymphatic pathways
  • Other ways you can move lymph
#2 – Learning the Techniques

Take the foundational lessons and turn them into action!

This isn’t just a theoretical lesson—I’ll show them HOW to do it in these lessons. They’ll gain a deeper understanding of using these techniques on their bodies so they can take your DIY lymph massage practice to the next level.

Learn how to:

  • Apply the principles of lymphatic facilitation
  • Basic DIY techniques to get started
  • How often, and how long to treat themselves
  • How to modify and adapt the techniques they’ve learned
  • The training protocols
#3 – Follow-Along Protocols

Each part of the body requires a different massage technique—I’ll show them how it’s done!

Guided video instructional lessons will show exactly how to apply the massage techniques they’ve just learned to the different parts of the body. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and they’ll see how they work in action!

Learn how to:

  • Protocols to benefit the head, face, and sinuses
  • Protocols for the upper extremities: shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands
  • Protocols for the torso: chest, ribcage, abdomen, and low back
  • Protocols for the lower extremities: hips, legs, knees, and ankles

There is also so much misinformation, disjointed treatment protocols, and lack of quality that no other program is complete.

That’s why I’ve included some extras!

Bonus #1 – Every Signup Earns You Money

When your referrals join DIY Lymph Massage, affiliates are rewarded a commission (paid every 30 days), and wholesalers get money in their pocket right away. We offer unlimited access or a monthly subscription depending on the plan you wish to offer your patients.

Bonus #2 – Unlimited Professional Support

When your patient has a question about something they learned in one of the lesson, they can reach out to me, and I will answer any questions so they can get on the right path to wellness.

Bonus #3 – Personal Self-Treatment Scheduler/Reminders

I get it—patients are busy! So I’ve included an option to remind them when it’s time to start their customized treatment plan. It’s easy to set up, and takes out all the guesswork.

Bonus #4 – Advanced Techniques: Lymphatic Cupping

Cupping is a wonderful technique that increases blood supply, and I'll show your patients how to determine if it's right for them, as well as how to do it at home.

Bonus #5 – Advanced Techniques: Lymphatic Kinesiotaping

Lymphatic kinesiotaping involves using specialized tape to promote lymphatic drainage. I’ll demonstrate exactly how I do it on my patients so they can purchase your own tape and use the same protocols.

Bonus #6 – Advanced Techniques: Scar Reduction

Lymphatic massage encourages drainage that softens scar tissue. It can reduce the occurrence and appearance of keloid formation, and it also reduces the swelling surrounding the scar tissue.

Bonus #7 – DIY Lymph Massage for Caregivers

There are cases where some cannot perform these techniques on themselves and require the aid of a caregiver. I’ve created this training to show your patients' caregivers how they can apply the protocols in my program to somebody under their care.

Every Lesson Includes...

  • Concise, clear videos that show the techniques
  • Recommendations for frequency and duration to use them
  • Recommendations for how to adapt protocols as patients progress
  • 24/7 access to all the materials
  • Treatment scheduler to keep patients on track
  • Lifetime unlimited program updates for those who opt for the one-time payment
  • Patients will also have the option to purchase a one-hour, one-on-one coaching session with me.

    Ready to Get Started?

    Customer Story – Chronic Swelling

     Kaija is in her late fifties and has been dealing with chronic swelling in her ankles for several years. The swelling gets better and worse with weather, seasons, and activities, but never goes away. She’s been searching for years for something that would help that doesn’t involve medications and has tried everything from massage to acupuncture. When she got massage therapy, she was told it was lymphatic massage, but it felt just like a regular massage to her and didn’t improve her swelling—unfortunately, that’s all too often the case. She was quite frustrated with how hard it was to find legitimate help with lymphatic work. In a private coaching session, we covered the lymphatic protocols for her to use for her ankles, as well as complementary techniques to use elevation and breathing to further encourage lymph to drain. She downloaded the private session video for her own customized treatment plan.


    The answer is simple: my program improves their practices and patient outcomes!

    With more than 150 videos and additional support, there is no other resource or service that compare to my program.

    My DIY lymph massage program is not only comprehensive, but it’s based on the advanced techniques that I’ve mastered in my more than 23 years of practice.

    Your patients will understand the whys and the hows. I am anti-jargon, and will break down everything so that even a six-year-old can understand exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Stop wasting time cobbling together a myriad of different resources off the Internet, and offer ONE program that your patients have access to for a lifetime!

    Let them ask me the questions instead of reaching out to your office, freeing up your staff's time and resources.

    Hi,  I’m Mike Wolnick

    I’m a father, husband, bodyworker, teacher, and entrepreneur who has devoted my life to empowering individual health and wellness

    In the time I’ve been running a successful clinical massage therapy clinic for 23 years (and counting!), I’ve coached thousands of people in their healing journeys.

    I’ve provided a literal helping hand to my patients, and have empowered many to achieve lasting wellness on their own.

    As a teacher and massage therapy program director for over a decade, I’ve trained hundreds of health and bodywork professionals.

    In my years of practice, I’ve seen over and over again the need for expert guidance that’s easily accessible so that people just like you can solve your own health problems (and, of course, when they need to turn to a pro for help!).

    I’m the founder of Stresstoration, which offers a suite of DIY health and wellness programs. It’s my mission to break the barriers to professional body therapy expertise and to transform healthcare from an expensive, pay-as-you-go service into a buy-once-and-forever EMPOWERED investment.

    “Thanks, Mike! I had ankle surgery a few years ago and have some nerve damage from the cast… While my condition has improved greatly, I [bought the course] to learn more to help educate others about these kinds of DIY options available to them. Not everyone has the money to pay for massage or the access to people who can provide these services. It would be invaluable if people could access high-quality, easy-to-understand content on this topic.” –Susan D.

    “Thank you so much for your generosity and expertise. I already have received so much relief from the protocol you shared with me [private session] and all the wonderful health tips. I have done the protocol 3 times already. I downloaded the video. Thank you for sending this. I am looking forward to reviewing some of your excellent guidance today. I am really looking forward to learning from you. You are an inspiring teacher and health coach.” –Kaija

    “Thank you, esteemed health coach! I have been doing the [lymphatic] protocol you taught me 3 times a day for a week now and have been experiencing a lot of improvement and relief. I keep experiencing health breakthroughs from what you taught me. So empowering. Forever grateful. I know that you will be helping millions of people.”

    -Mariella K.

    This Program is Best For...

    Cosmetic surgeons and providers who cater to medical tourism clients. Lead them to a better post-surgical outcome from across the country—or world!

    Orthopedic providers and surgeons who want to offer an option for post-injury swelling and post-surgical patients.

    Oncologists who want to offer ongoing support post-lymph node removal, and to reduce swelling due to treatments and cancer conditions.

    Physicians who wish to offer options to patients to reduce acute and chronic swelling, but it isn’t a part of their existing practice.

    Physical therapists who treat post-surgical and injured patients, but who don’t have the resources to offer it in their own office as a service.

    Athletic trainers who often deal with front-line injuries to their athletes, to up time and resources on already-stretched-thin department staff.

    Lymphatic therapists who need to add more to their in-office services or to offload home care training. They also offer it to patients who can’t afford in-office visits!

    Massage therapists who don’t specialize in lymphatic massage, but who don’t want to lose the market share in this niche can offer it as a subscription.

    Functional and integrative medicine providers who want to offer a non-competitive option that will avoid referring patients to other providers…and may not come back!

    We Will Partner with You to Make Sure the Right Patients are Using the Program

    This isn't for...

    • patients managing complex lymphedema or lipoedema conditions without qualified professional direction. However, it may complement professional care by streamlining homecare training.
    • patients with undiagnosed edema.
    • patients with other conditions requiring qualified professional training and expertise.

    We're also here to support YOU when you're unsure if the program will help your patients!

    Isn't it Time You Partnered with a Trusted Lymph Massage Expert?

    I'll take the heavy lifting out of your hands and help your patients get on a faster road to recovery.


    • Affiliate

    • Wholesale

    • Ciinical Subscription

    • Customize

    Become an Affiliate

    The simplest way to integrate DIY Lymph Massage into your practice with no up-front costs. We'll give you a personal link to give your patients and you earn affiliate commissions for every sale that comes from your referral. We'll even provide resources to help you promote the sale.


    Earn affiliate commissions for every referral that comes from you.

    Perfect for those who are going to share with their email list, on social media, and on their website.


    Become a wholesale provider when you buy a bundle of licenses that you can sell at a profit.

    This option is perfect for providers who will refer patients personally.

    Clinical Subscription

    Have something else in mind? Let's work together to discuss your needs.

    We will create a custom package with pricing just for your unique needs!


    Have something else in mind? Let's work together to discuss your needs.

    We will create a custom package with pricing just for your unique needs!


    Earn affiliate commissions for every referral that comes from you.

    Perfect for those who are going to share with their email list, on social media, and on their website.


    Become a wholesale provider when you buy a bundle of licenses that you can sell at a profit.

    This option is perfect for providers who will refer patients personally.


    Have something else in mind? Let's work together to discuss your needs.

    We will create a custom package with pricing just for your unique needs!


    Is DIY Lymph Massage really as good as professional treatment?

    The treatment itself? No. The overall effect? Absolutely. A professional can administer more effective treatment… BUT, it’s very difficult for people to be able to (or afford to) get optimal frequency of treatment. Because of how the body works, treatment is temporary so needs to be done frequently (often up to 6x/day) to maintain effect. How many people can afford the time and money to see a therapist 6x/day? Self-treatment can be done with optimal frequency and so in some respects is superior to professional treatment.

    Why Aren't Free YouTube Videos Good Enough?

    I was inspired to make DIY Lymph Massage specifically because as a professional, none of the videos or web pages out there came close to what I would do and teach to my clients. They aren’t specific enough, they aren’t comprehensive enough, they don’t teach well enough, and usually they are there trying to get you to come in and see the therapist anyway.

    How Much Money Can I Earn?

    Depending on the level of swelling/inflammation present and the type of injury/surgery/condition, anywhere from hundreds to thousands per incident. The more you need it, the more you use DIYLM and the more cost-effective this course becomes. The more you would have a therapist do this work for you, the more you’ll save by doing it yourself. Ultimately, for the cost of a few sessions of professional service, you get access to professional expertise for life.

    Which Option is Best for Me?

    Click on the Let’s Get Started button below to book a call with me, and we can discuss your current practice, goals, and which options would work best for your practice.

    it's time you

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