Conquer Swelling & Inflammation Naturally
Self-Lymph Massage promotes Active Recovery for swelling after surgery, injury, or managing chronic illness

Take Control of Your Swelling During Recovery

Which part hurts the most?

  1. The Symptoms? The pain and misery of your swelling and inflammation? Missing out on life while you’re laid up recovering?
  2. The Cost? Shelling out $1000, $2000, or even $3000+ for professional lymph therapy? Being dependent on their schedule and availability with endless trips to their office?
  3. The Frustration? Spending hours and days browsing YouTube and Google trying to find a good self-treatment? Knowing there must be something you can do yourself if you only knew what and how?
  4. All of the above?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Welcome to DIY Lymph Massage
Welcome to DIY Lymph Massage

Welcome to DIY Lymph Massage

Feel Better, Recover Faster

Be Active in Your Recovery
Reduce Swelling & Pain
  • Get Back in the Action
  • Prevent Slowed/Stagnant Healing
  • Take Back Control of Healing
  • Reduce Medications

Save a Boatload of Money

Don't rent time, buy expertise
Better Value
  • One investment for a lifetime of expertise
  • No Office Visits, Traffic, or Parking
  • On Your Schedule, When & Where You Need It
  • Customizable Around Your LIfestyle

No More Frustration

All Your Questions Answered
No More...
  • Wondering if that YouTube video applies to you
  • Tapdancing around your therapist's schedule
  • Taking time off to go to appointments
  • Wondering if you could do more on your own
  • Piecing together incomplete parts from websites

Why Try DIY Lymph Massage?

Angelina H.

San Jose, CA

"I discovered a totally new way to take care of my body..."

“I was looking for a prissy luxurious spa experience, and instead discovered a totally new way to take care of my body. I’ve had massages at some of the best spas and facilities in the world-and none of those therapists have taken the time to guide me into better posture and greater health. Mike and Dee have taken the time to do just that. It’s going to make a big difference in my day to day life, and in my work as well. Thanks guys!!”

"I feel so much better mentally and physically..."

“This was my first time ever getting a lymphatic massage and I recently had a Brazilian butt lift and anyone that knows about that you swell tremendously, Mike (god sent) really made me feel reassured and he explained everything with so much detail that I couldn’t ask for a better massage therapist, The recovery time has had a toll on me but after seeing Mike, I feel so much better mentally and physically.  Ty”

Bella A.

San Jose, CA

DIY Lymph Massage Helps You Feel Better

That achy pain that gets worse when you move? The swelling that messes up your sleep? That feeling you get when you feel the NSAIDs wear off and you still have another 2 hours until you can take more?

Nobody wants the pain & misery of swelling & inflammation any longer than absolutely necessary. And nobody wants to sit on the sidelines while life passes them by – missing out on activities, get-togethers, you name it.

By reducing swelling, self-lymphatic massage helps your body heal as fast as it can. In simplest terms, it helps the bad stuff get out and the good stuff get where it needs to go.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury, a car accident, travel, or even intense competition – recovery is recovery and we all want to get through it as fast as possible.

DIY Lymph Massage gets you back in the action ASAP and it helps make the recovery process much more bearable.

DIY Lymph Massage Is a Better Value

1000? $2000? $3000?!

Lymphatic therapy sure is expensive when you’re paying an expert for their time – by the hour! Have you ever thought about how getting a service is really renting the therapist’s time? Need more? Pay more!

After a surgery with significant swelling, you can expect to need anywhere from 10-30 treatments over 3-10 weeks. At $100+/hr… you can do the math.

If only there was a way to get access to expert skill and knowledge without having to rent an expert’s time by the hour… Oh wait, there is!

DIY Lymph Massage gets you near professional results at a fraction of the cost – one-time investment for a lifetime of access.

But what about YouTube? Good luck trying to piece together a customized lymphatic treatment plan tailored to your condition and stage of healing from free videos. (Might as well rely on lottery tickets). Our program gives you exactly what you need to self-treat effectively with the assurance that you’re doing the right thing for your situation.

End Your Frustration

Look, I’m just like you. I balk at paying $1000s for services unless I really need it. And I’ve scoured the internet looking for good information & training about self-lymph treatment and it just isn’t out there.

DIY Lymph Massage is the only comprehensive, personally-customizable self-lymphatic massage training program out there. It’s totally unique.

So no more fruitless web searching or trying to assemble a treatment plan from dubious, incomplete pieces. No more paying through the nose to be dependent on a therapist to do it for you (unless you choose to!). No more wondering if this is right for you, or if that works, or if this therapist knows what they’re doing.

DIY Lymph Massage puts it all in one place. One payment, lifetime access.

DIY Lymph Massage Program Levels


$199 $99 / 3mo
  • DIYLM Core Program
  • 3 Months Program Access
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Treatment Scheduler
  • Included Private Coaching/Consult


$399 $299 lifetime
  • DIY Lymph Massage Course
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Treatment Scheduler
  • Included 1hr Private Consultation


$199 $99 for 3mo
  • DIYLM Core Program
  • 3 Months Program Access
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Treatment Scheduler
  • Included Private Coaching/Consult


$399 $299 lifetime
  • DIY Lymph Massage Course
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • Lifetime Program Updates
  • Treatment Scheduler
  • Included 1hr Private Consultation

What Satisfied Clients Have to Say

Nancy D.

San Jose, CA

"He gave me priceless information..."

I have been working for a few years now to figure out what is causing the numbness in my hands, spending a lot of time with a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, not having any luck with either. Just one meeting with Mike and he was able to zero in on the problem area. He talked with me, worked on me, and also gave me priceless information to take home and use throughout the day to help reverse my condition. Thank you Mike! I would recommend him to anyone.”

"He's helped me understand in a way I hadn't before..."

“I can’t say enough about how talented, professional, knowledgeable and focused he is when it comes to massage.  [He’s] helped tremendously with my lower back issues.  What left an even greater impression was the advice on stretches and exercises he gave me after the massage.  He has helped me understand my particular issues in a way I had not understood before.  This place is a real stand-out – I highly recommend Mike.”

Paul M.

San Jose, CA

Ed L.

San Jose, CA

"We rely on them to guide us back to health..."

“Turning Point Wellness [now Stresstoration] is part of the team of Medical Professionals that my family relies on to support healing and ongoing health. We rely on them to access the cause of our discomfort and to guide us through a treatment process that will bring us back to health. We have not found another body therapist that has the depth of knowledge and expertise that they have consistently provided. We are very grateful for their commitment to our long term health.”

"Finding Mike was the best thing ever..."

“Finding him [Mike] was the best thing ever. I’ve had chronic hip pain but came in for tension release in my back. Mike was very knowledgeable and walked me through why I’m having pain in my hip and back. Now I have a treatment plan that doesn’t involve doctors – who still haven’t been able to diagnose me.”

Heather H.

San Jose, CA

What You Get With the DIY Lymph Massage Program

  1. Instant 24/7 Access to course video/text lessons
  2. Over 150 “no-brainer” follow-along treatment videos so you don’t have to keep track of time or technique. Just hit play and follow along.
  3. Infinite reviewability (on lifetime plans)
  4. Custom treatment scheduler to help you plan optimal times, frequency, & duration for your self-treatments that adapts through your recovery
  5. Lifetime program updates
  6. No monthly fees or subscriptions

Common Questions

Do I need lymph treatment after my surgery/injury/accident?

The more swelling, the more you could benefit. For minor injuries or conditions without much swelling, it’s more limited. Some people prefer to tough it out during recovery, while others do everything they can to reduce the misery. Only you know you. Take our “How Much Can You Benefit from Lymph Massage” Quiz to give you a better idea.

What happens if I don’t do/get lymph therapy?

Maybe nothing. Your symptoms will probably be worse and it’s possible your healing can get slowed down due to stagnant fluid (think traffic jam). Lymph Massage helps keep things moving so they heal well and also reduce the risk of lingering chronic effects.

Is DIY Lymph Massage really as good as professional treatment?

The treatment itself? No. The overall effect? Absolutely. A professional can administer more effective treatment… BUT, it’s very difficult for people to be able to (or afford to) get optimal frequency of treatment. Because of how the body works, treatment is temporary so needs to be done frequently (often up to 6x/day) to maintain effect. How many people can afford the time and money to see a therapist 6x/day? Self-treatment can be done with optimal frequency and so in some respects is superior to professional treatment.

Is DIY Lymph Massage Safe?

In short, yes it is. Want more details? I wrote an entire article on “Is Lymph Massage Safe?

So when you’re:

  • Tired of piecing together half (or tenth) measures on YouTube…
  • Tired of of wasting countless hours hunting down questionable and incomplete information…
  • Tired of having to go pay another $100/hr to the therapist for their time (and that’s if you’ve even found a therapist that’s able to touch (haha) what you’ve got going on…

…then I’ve got your back (and the rest of you too)!

About DIY Help

DIY Lymph Massage Is...

There's nothing like this out there

I've looked. Either for tools for myself or my patients or for more effective teaching. And every time, I have to assemble piles of information, sort through it, toss the bad/irrelevant info, and create my own training tool.


So I did.


I've distilled these DIY programs from thousands of one-on-one coaching and treatment sessions and extracted the advanced techniques I've mastered in my practice that can be used at home and voila, a program unlike any other.

Pure simplicity

I make complex concepts and techniques simple to understand and easy to use. I have over 23 years of experience teaching beginners just like you and I'll walk you through the process.


I've focused the programs on razor-focused problems so that we can cut the extraneous info and the does-this-even-apply-to-me crap and get straight to what matters the most. Not to mention I've taken the thousands of questions I've answered over 2 decades in practice and built tools to anticipate everything you'll need to know.


And... I've distilled it down so that you can customize the system to do just what you need it to do.

I don't cut corners. I'll give you everything you need to know to do it right.

Like having an expert in your pocket

Now you don't have to wait for business hours or take a long trip to the the therapist's office or pay an expert by the hour. You have an expert at hand 24/7, anywhere you go.


Need a refresher? Just hit refresh! Need it now? Just load it up! No more waiting on anyone else's schedule. No more feeling beholden to someone else's secret knowledge.


Learn what you need, when you need it - learn on demand. We're very clear about what each program is for and structure the programs to get you from point-A to point-B ASAP for your particular health/wellness challenge.


My goal is to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck in the time, money, and energy you invest in your wellness.


I cut costs without cutting any corners. I might give you a lot of information, but it's all hyper-relevant to the problem I'm teaching you to address.

Give me a big enough lever...

This stuff works. Evidence, observation, and countless patient reports show that.


But while your therapist is great, the knowledge they possess isn't secret or proprietary. In fact, as a therapist I always believed that I should teach a person to care for themself - that way they only come and see me if their problem was too big for them to handle.


That's what experts should be for - to step in for the things you can't or won't or choose not to do for yourself!


Remember, you can get a great massage for an hour each week, but that leaves you the other 167 hours that week to care for yourself - which do you think has more lasting impact?


I want to teach you to live better for a lifetime, every day, and that is by far a more effective path to thriving health!


Lifestyle trumps treatment every time.

Knowledge lasts a lifetime

A therapist is great, but every time you've got a problem, or if you've got something chronic you're dealing with, then you have to go back. And you have to pay another $100/hr for the gift of their time.


It's the whole teach a person to fish thing.


Learn how to treat yourself and you won't be dependent on their skill alone and you'll save a bunch of money over the long run. And even better, if you would've avoided the therapist because of the expense, now you don't have to forego treatment!


As a therapist, I always found it discouraging to have patients keep returning for the same problem - one I knew that they could manage on their own. I always preferred that a person could treat their own minor problems and only see me for the major ones (or the new ones)!

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