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    My Liver Detox: Days 2-4

    So.much.broccoli! Just kidding, I love broccoli. Lightly steam, add some grass-fed ghee, garlic salt, and a squeeze of lemon–yum. Days 2 and 3 of my detox were pretty discouraging. It felt like nothing was happening other than that my symptoms were exacerbated. Lucky I have a little experience with detoxes and know that this is normal–most gentle detoxes take a couple of days to kick in. RELATED: My Liver Detox, Day 1 Today, I am SUPER tired and feeling a little nauseous. I have also been extra irritable and annoyed by the tiniest things. Yay? This is good–it means that this thing is actually working! I am proud of myself…

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    Are Autoimmune Diseases Reversible?

    The term autoimmune disease covers many different illnesses. Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, celiac’s disease, and Type 1 diabetes are all examples of autoimmune diseases. In an autoimmune disease the body’s immune system starts attacking itself. This sets off a chain of events that can lead to many different diseases and disorders. Unfortunately, once someone has one autoimmune disease they often develop others. The incidence of autoimmune diseases are on the rise. Almost unheard of prior to the 1950s, new estimates state that autoimmune disease now affects 1 in 12 Americans. What is causing this unprecedented spike in autoimmune diseases? What can we do to stop it? Autoimmune disease is…

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    Chronic Health Problems

    5 Critical Steps To Solving Your Chronic Health Problems

    I like to ask “why.” I have always been the kind of person that wants to know why something works, or doesn’t. My college math professors hated that about me. I know it annoys my husband to no end:) Finding the “why” is super important when it comes to your health. Here’s how to do it: Listen to what your symptoms are trying to tell you. Symptoms are messages that our bodies are sending us to let us know something is wrong. For example, so-called illnesses like depression and anxiety are typically symptoms of a larger issue. Suppressing the symptom with an anti-depressant without searching for what is causing it…