About My DIY Health
Empowering Wellness

I built Stresstoration and DIY Health & Wellness programs for one simple purpose - to empower you with the knowledge, skills & abilities for a vibrant, thriving life.

From do-it-yourself programs like DIY Lymph Massage to Stress Restoration (yup, that's where I got Stresstoration) to guidelines on when to get expert help, I've got you covered.

Everyone wants to thrive & have glowing health, but the knowing-how is the tricky part.

With Stresstoration’s suite of programs, I take the guesswork and legwork out of the equation so you can care for yourself efficiently and effectively – with simple-to-use, real-world tested programs targeting specific wellness challenges.

It’s like having a master therapist in your pocket 24/7!

So What Makes This Unique?

The truth is, I discovered that there is a huge gap in health & wellness.

In fact, it’s more like a 10,000 piece puzzle with only a few of the pieces put together – there are gaps everywhere. The pieces exist and they fit somehow, but few people know how to put them all together. The problem is part missing pieces, part finding the pieces, and part seeing how they fit into a cohesive picture.

Today, most of us have a pile of thousands of health & wellness pieces that we don’t know how to put together or have enough time in the day to do.

What is this gap?

  • It’s the disconnect between where you are and the knowledge, skills, and professional expertise to solve your health challenge.
  • It’s the difficulty finding the right answer to your problem… even finding the right questions to ask.
  • It’s the “silo effect” where practitioners are so focused in their own specialty they can’t see the forest for the trees. Remember that old saying “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?
  • It’s the fact that there’s so many disparate pieces of knowledge and varied solutions where everybody is selling up their snake oil as the answer to everything.
The way we'd like our puzzle to be
The way we'd like our puzzle...
the way our puzzle usually is
The way it usually is...
bad way to solve a puzzle
...and the way we typically try to solve it.

I created Stresstoration & my DIY Program Series to fill that gap.

There needs to be training & tools that provide a link between high-level strategic wellness goals and individual tactics. And guidance as to which of the millions of 5-minutes-a-day activities will actually get you where you want to go.

There needs to be a simple, cost-effective way to determine if you are applying the right tool for the job.

And now there is.

How would you like the answers to where you should invest your limited time, energy, and money so you can thrive in life?

There simply isn’t anything out there like it – and trust me I’ve looked.

I’ve always had a gift for finding and seeing connections others miss. First I was looking for tools for my students, then for my patients, then for my employees, and frankly I was discouraged. Everything out there is incomplete, disorganized, poorly implemented, and/or next to impossible to find.

You’d think it would be easier in the Information Age, wouldn’t you?

But if you don’t even know quite what you’re looking for, don’t know what you’re looking at, and don’t know if it’s right or not (since you’re not an expert already), what good is it?

I simplify both the search and the answers for people just like you.

So when you’re:

  • Tired of piecing together half (or tenth) measures on YouTube…
  • Tired of of wasting countless hours hunting down questionable and incomplete information…
  • Tired of having to go pay another $100/hr to the therapist for their time (and that’s if you’ve even found a therapist that’s able to touch (haha) what you’ve got going on…

…then I’ve got your back (and the rest of you too)!

About DIY Help

There's nothing like this out there

I've looked. Either for tools for myself or my patients or for more effective teaching. And every time, I have to assemble piles of information, sort through it, toss the bad/irrelevant info, and create my own training tool.


So I did.


I've distilled these DIY programs from thousands of one-on-one coaching and treatment sessions and extracted the advanced techniques I've mastered in my practice that can be used at home and voila, a program unlike any other.

Pure simplicity

I make complex concepts and techniques simple to understand and easy to use. I have over 23 years of experience teaching beginners just like you and I'll walk you through the process.


I've focused the programs on razor-focused problems so that we can cut the extraneous info and the does-this-even-apply-to-me crap and get straight to what matters the most. Not to mention I've taken the thousands of questions I've answered over 2 decades in practice and built tools to anticipate everything you'll need to know.


And... I've distilled it down so that you can customize the system to do just what you need it to do.

I don't cut corners. I'll give you everything you need to know to do it right.

Like having an expert in your pocket

Now you don't have to wait for business hours or take a long trip to the the therapist's office or pay an expert by the hour. You have an expert at hand 24/7, anywhere you go.


Need a refresher? Just hit refresh! Need it now? Just load it up! No more waiting on anyone else's schedule. No more feeling beholden to someone else's secret knowledge.


Learn what you need, when you need it - learn on demand. We're very clear about what each program is for and structure the programs to get you from point-A to point-B ASAP for your particular health/wellness challenge.


My goal is to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck in the time, money, and energy you invest in your wellness.


I cut costs without cutting any corners. I might give you a lot of information, but it's all hyper-relevant to the problem I'm teaching you to address.

Give me a big enough lever...

This stuff works. Evidence, observation, and countless patient reports show that.


But while your therapist is great, the knowledge they possess isn't secret or proprietary. In fact, as a therapist I always believed that I should teach a person to care for themself - that way they only come and see me if their problem was too big for them to handle.


That's what experts should be for - to step in for the things you can't or won't or choose not to do for yourself!


Remember, you can get a great massage for an hour each week, but that leaves you the other 167 hours that week to care for yourself - which do you think has more lasting impact?


I want to teach you to live better for a lifetime, every day, and that is by far a more effective path to thriving health!


Lifestyle trumps treatment every time.

Knowledge lasts a lifetime

A therapist is great, but every time you've got a problem, or if you've got something chronic you're dealing with, then you have to go back. And you have to pay another $100/hr for the gift of their time.


It's the whole teach a person to fish thing.


Learn how to treat yourself and you won't be dependent on their skill alone and you'll save a bunch of money over the long run. And even better, if you would've avoided the therapist because of the expense, now you don't have to forego treatment!


As a therapist, I always found it discouraging to have patients keep returning for the same problem - one I knew that they could manage on their own. I always preferred that a person could treat their own minor problems and only see me for the major ones (or the new ones)!

Angelina H.

San Jose, CA

"I discovered a totally new way to take care of my body..."

“I was looking for a prissy luxurious spa experience, and instead discovered a totally new way to take care of my body. I’ve had massages at some of the best spas and facilities in the world-and none of those therapists have taken the time to guide me into better posture and greater health. Mike and Dee have taken the time to do just that. It’s going to make a big difference in my day to day life, and in my work as well. Thanks guys!!”

"I feel so much better mentally and physically..."

“This was my first time ever getting a lymphatic massage and I recently had a Brazilian butt lift and anyone that knows about that you swell tremendously, Mike (god sent) really made me feel reassured and he explained everything with so much detail that I couldn’t ask for a better massage therapist, The recovery time has had a toll on me but after seeing Mike, I feel so much better mentally and physically.  Ty”

Bella A.

San Jose, CA

Ed L.

San Jose, CA

"We rely on them to guide us back to health..."

“Turning Point Wellness [now Stresstoration] is part of the team of Medical Professionals that my family relies on to support healing and ongoing health. We rely on them to access the cause of our discomfort and to guide us through a treatment process that will bring us back to health. We have not found another body therapist that has the depth of knowledge and expertise that they have consistently provided. We are very grateful for their commitment to our long term health.”

"Finding Mike was the best thing ever..."

“Finding him [Mike] was the best thing ever. I’ve had chronic hip pain but came in for tension release in my back. Mike was very knowledgeable and walked me through why I’m having pain in my hip and back. Now I have a treatment plan that doesn’t involve doctors – who still haven’t been able to diagnose me.”

Heather H.

San Jose, CA

Nancy D.

San Jose, CA

"He gave me priceless information..."

I have been working for a few years now to figure out what is causing the numbness in my hands, spending a lot of time with a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, not having any luck with either. Just one meeting with Mike and he was able to zero in on the problem area. He talked with me, worked on me, and also gave me priceless information to take home and use throughout the day to help reverse my condition. Thank you Mike! I would recommend him to anyone.”

"He's helped me understand in a way I hadn't before..."

“I can’t say enough about how talented, professional, knowledgeable and focused he is when it comes to massage.  [He’s] helped tremendously with my lower back issues.  What left an even greater impression was the advice on stretches and exercises he gave me after the massage.  He has helped me understand my particular issues in a way I had not understood before.  This place is a real stand-out – I highly recommend Mike.”

Paul M.

San Jose, CA

I decided that I wanted to think bigger – I could be a therapist and help 20-25 people a week (and half of those would be the same people every week) OR…

I could create these training programs and help thousands of people, maybe even millions.

I DIY My Health & Wellness

Stress, swelling & first aid, shoulder pain. You name it. Self-Help leveled-up to Self-Health. That's what I'm talking about. We DIYers research & evaluate options, love to learn, & try new things...

Mythconceptions About Lymph Massage

Yeah, there's a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. Let's set the record straight...

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What We're All About (the TL;DR)

My goal is to synergize my passion for health & wellness, my calling to teach & empower others, and my quest for efficient & effective solutions. All to:

  • Empower health & wellness through self-care, DIY training that’s more efficient & as/more effective than relying on professional services alone
  • Reduce pain & suffering by simplifying advanced tools & integrating knowledge across disciplines into easy-to-use systems
  • Create transformational wellness programs to make expert knowledge & skill available & accessible anytime, anywhere, forever – systems that apply universal themes to empower customized wellness plans. Teach directly to individuals, not one-to-one, but one-to-many
  • Amplify impact by putting those programs online to reach millions more people than I can meet one-on-one
  • Teach natural, DIY tools that provide options beyond drugs and surgery for people to experience both relief and a vastly better quality of life
  • Restore balance and perspective to lives under constant bombardment with distractions & stress


  • DIY Lymph Massage – (Available Now) Lymphatic Facilitation is a powerful recovery tool for surgery, injury, chronic illness, pregnancy, and even travel. Due to the frequency of treatment and potential scarcity of specialist help near you, it can be costly and impractical to only rely on professional treatment. DIY Lymph Massage fills the gap with an affordable, always accessible self-care solution that can replace or enhance getting lymphatic massage with a professional. By tonight, you could be treating your own swelling & inflammation and getting relief!
  • Stresstoration – (In Development) A unique stress mastery system that is literally a restoration from stress. Stresstoration takes a top-down approach by helping to formulate an overall health & wellness strategy, identifying personal weak spots & gaps, and ensuring a balanced investment of key wellness activities for optimal living. Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and find your personal path to wellness and a thriving life. It’s a combination of personality and lifestyle assessment, strategic goal-setting, and prioritized tactical activity that creates a roadmap to a new, better, more vibrant you.

Coming Soon

  • DIY Muscle Pain Mastery – (Coming Soon) Trigger points are a significant source of pain and grief and chronically recurring issues, but I know from my clients that they are difficult to get help with and also mysterious to both them and the healthcare providers that were supposed to help them! Poor information and downright wrong information abounds and this program clears up the mystery and offers incredibly effective self-treatments for these little buggers. Get a handle on your chronic or recurring pain in a way you’ve never experienced before!
  • DIY Kinesiotaping – (Coming Soon) Kinesiotape is a powerful, useful tool – but you have to know how to use it! Whether it’s pain or posture, circulation or movement repatterning, you can effectively apply this to yourself or loved one, at-home. A natural pain fighter and a lasting treatment, once you know what it does and how to use it, you’ll be stuck on it! There is a segment on edema taping in the DIY Lymph Massage Program already!
  • DIY Cupping – (Coming Soon) Like taping, cupping is another powerful tool that you can use in your own self-care with some simple, inexpensive tools and a little knowhow. Use negative pressure to address pain, inflammation, swelling, and movement restrictions like scarring, on your own!
  • DIY Dynamic Flexibility – (Coming Soon) There is so much more to flexibility than most people realize. If you think it’s just about extreme range of motion, you’ve got it all wrong! True flexibility is a balance between mobility and stability. Dynamic flexibility involves using different stretching techniques – active and passive – combined with properly engaging neurological control & reflex mechanisms to promote proper movement structures & control. The same principles for rehabilitating these structures can be used to improve them!