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Mike Wolnick, MBA CA-CMT #27641

Mike Wolnick is a husband, father, bodyworker, teacher, and entrepreneur who has devoted his life to empowering individual health & wellness.

As a clinical massage therapist for 23 years (and counting), Mike’s coached thousands of people in their healing journeys – both in providing a literal helping hand as well as the self-empowerment to achieve lasting wellness on their own. As a teacher and massage therapy program director for over a decade, Mike has trained hundreds of health & bodywork professionals.

Mike is the founder and creator of Stresstoration and its suite of DIY Health & Wellness Programs. These programs break the barriers to professional body therapy expertise and transform healthcare from an expensive, pay-as-you-go service into a buy-once-benefit-forever investment.

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About Our DIY Programs

DIY Lymph Massage Program

Stresstoration’s DIY Wellness Programs

Over decades in clinical practice, Mike grew increasingly alarmed at distressing trends in health, wellness, and education. Despite a booming “knowledge” economy, people are as frustrated as ever in finding an effective plan for what they should do to thrive and be & feel their best in life. He’s heard thousands of patient’s stories of the long, frustrating, and expensive quests for answers to their pains.

Mike saw the need for expert guidance, easily accessible, training people in solving their own health problems (and knowing when to seek professional help).

Learn to leverage your self-care efforts so you invest your time, energy, and money into what gets you the best results. And by best results, we mean the lasting changes that tackle the underlying problem and don’t just slap a bandaid on the symptom.

These programs are the result of the best of thousands of individual coaching sessions Mike has done with clients in clinical practice and 10,000+ hours of training professional therapists.

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Benefits of Our DIY Programs

  • Save Money – Invest in lifetime access to expertise instead of renting an expert’s time by the hour.
  • Actively Heal – Active healing involves personal change and sets you up for long-term success. Passive “curing” doesn’t change the underlying condition and is temporary (and expensive).
  • Self-Paced – Rent expertise by the hour and your time is limited. With our courses you can access as often and for as long as you want.
  • Purchase Power, Not Dependence – Purchase our course(s) and use it for life, whereas you purchase a session and you need to keep buying sessions for the rest of your life.
  • Customizable – Our courses adapt to your needs and are never one-size-fits-all. we’ll teach you the hows and whys and how to tailor the work to your circumstance.

About Stresstoration LLC

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Stresstoration LLC | Fort Collins, CO

Stresstoration LLC of Fort Collins, CO draws its name from the restoration and transformation from a stressed-out, broken-down life into one of thriving vibrant life.

Mike developed Stresstoration to “fill the gap” in health & wellness care and knowhow.

In clinical practice, Mike could only help 20-25 people each week, often repeating the same coaching over and over – even to the same clients! He sought a better way to reach more people and realize more efficiencies with his time as well as savings for his clients.

He’d identified the key pieces for success, learned from the sticking points where clients’ had trouble, and applied his instructional knowledge.

Stresstoration was born.

Expert training, tailored to what works best at home, delivered 24/7 online, for your savings and convenience.

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